offline Legio Initiate
21.08.2017, 10:15 AM
A couple of us were talking last night, and want to set qualifying for NWC3L Season 9 as a goal. We all need to improve in order for this to become a reality, and the best way to do that right now is to ladder on Netease or W3Arena.

You can visit their site here:
offline dcon.US.iNoJ Administrator
21.08.2017, 19:13 PM
I talked with sayso and he has a team already "oCe - Oceanic's Elite" on there with his bro "Ceron". I figured since there is already a team created we can play under oCe. We are still dcon though smiling
offline Legio Initiate
21.08.2017, 20:22 PM
Yeah man that sounds great. Takes a lot of headache out of the process too.

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